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It’s been a long time coming…. Finally the date for my long overdue RETIREMENT has been set. I am honouring bookings up to and including SATURDAY THE 22ND OF JULY 2017. Over the 37 year journey, I have enjoyed meeting some wonderful people from all walks of life , many have become close friends and great supporters of our little tavern. I will miss all of you, the foodies and the party animals, the philosophers and the comedians, the romantics and the crowd pleasers, all have been a big part of my life.

What started as a two year project has run its course , I am grateful it lasted as long as it did but its time I stopped to enjoy life away from food and beverage service and move to the next phase ….travel and good times with family and friends.

There will be more news as the weeks go by, lots of people to thank and memories to share. Stay tuned…
In the little time left, I would love to see as many of you at STAVROS TAVERN , eating drinking dancing and reminiscing the past 37 years.

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